A listing presentation in real-estate is when you meet with a client that wants to sell their home, you provide them with consulting, and you show case your talents in order to win the job. Besides giving you a brief overview, I’m also going to give you tips on how to do the best job possible so that you win the deal:


  1. Research the market, get a CMA, and make a little flyer that briefly explains why you’re good at selling houses

They say that %90 percent of everything is life is preparation and I couldn’t agree more.

  • Don’t just dig thru the MLS and find the comps – REALLY study the market and see how it is behaving. What are the trends? What do the other houses look like on the inside?
  • Print it out in a CMA Make sure to watch my video on how to do a CMA!
  • Print of the tax record sheet for the house you’re planning on touring
  • Go on Canva.com and make a flyer
  • Listing agreement, MOG, and LBP in case they want to list and sign right there
  • Measuring tape in case they want to list ASAP


2. Show up nicely dressed 15 minutes before the appointment

Nothing will blow a listing presentation quicker then showing up a minute late or even being on-time but in a rush or frazzled.

  • Show up around 15 mins before and tour the neighborhood. Check out the comps
  • Pull in the driveway around 3 minutes before
  • Make sure your car is clean
  • If you follow the previous tips, you will walk up, calm, cool, and collected


3. Build rapport with the client and DON’T talk about business first(~1 min)

  • Ask them about FORD (Family. Occupation. Recreation. Dreams)
  • Do this very sincerely and quickly


4. Tour the house

  • Take note of each room (Oh wow. Very nice kitchen. Is that marble?)
  • Don’t talk about any bad features (OMG. That bathroom stinks like shit!)
  • Notice things that may be attractive to potential buyers in that demographic.


5. “I’ve done some research. Would you like to talk about a strategy to sell the house?”

  • Sit down and show them the comps
  • Explain your research
  • Tell them you drive by each comp before coming there

Major pain points for sellers are:

  • How long is it going to take to sell?
  • How does it compare to other houses?
  • What’s the current market like?


6. Close

Unless this is a FSBO or an expired, they are probably OK with listing with you. Simply ask, are you comfortable putting it on the market now?

“We’re interviewing other agents” Great well here’s my card. Do you have one as well so I can follow up in a few days? What’s your email and I will send you all this data electronically for safe keeping. FOLLOW UP TOMMOROW.

“Yes”. BINGO. “Do you want to sign physically or electronically?.

“We’re still thinking about it. We’ll let you know” Great well here’s my card. Do you have a card on you? What’s your email and I will send all the data to you for safe keeping.


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