To most, real-estate finance modeling seems like a foreign language. Something reserved for the wealthy business executives and not necessary for your average real-estate investor. Well this popular opinion is slowly fading with the availability of cheap computer processing power!


Learn real-estate investing financial modeling!

With time and practice you can gain valuable into your real-estate investing business and use powerful metrics to increase the efficiency of your cash inflows.

  • Ever wondered whether an exotic real-estate asset would really produce a great return?
  • Would it be better to flip and sell? Or maybe hold and take advantage of juicy returns?
  • Interested in real-estate modeling as a career?


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If you are here from Youtube here is the spreadsheets for my videos! 

Download [146.84 KB]

Things you will need:

  • Knowledge of cash-flow & NOI*
  • Microsoft Excel (Google Spreadsheet will work too, but the pre-made sheet is in Excel)
  • Blog posts which are down below for in-depth reading
  • A decent attention span



Here are each of my tutorials if you’d like to see them in more detail: