Real-estate agent content marketing is like investing. You put forth tremendous time and effort in hopes that your strategies will pay off. Content marketing is one of the best FREE ways to get clients, build a brand, and generate passive income. 

  • Very few realtors have serious content marketing game
  • Once you have an established presence, you will get a steady stream of clients
  • FREE


Biggest drawback = Time, effort, tears, haters, and you have to manage it constantly


  1. You need to figure out what people are looking for:

Youtube – How-To’s, Vlogs, explained simply videos, home buyer tips (Keyword Research)

Blogs – Best places to eat, Should I fire my realtor, What is buyer’s agency (Keyword Research)

Instagram – People are comparing themselves to others with pictures (Hashtag Research)

Facebook – I’ve completely given up on Facebook (Spend money on ads)


What’s something that you’ve researched, but could not find a video on? Check out various keyword tools like:


2. Publish as much content as possible and don’t stop

Everyday I try release some form of content. Whether it’s a blog, Youtube, and/or Instagram.

  • Haters will hate and say you promote too much
  • You’ll get better at spotting what people are looking at
  • Slowly but surely you build an audience


3. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results within the first year or two

  • Content marketing is like watching a tree grow. It’s very easy to look at a tree and say “Grow faster!”, but much of content marketing is time
  • You don’t realize it, but each piece of content you produce has potential for someone to find you, like you, and do business with you
  • The first few months are full of screw ups