Quadplexes in Wilmington, NC are a rarity, because there are so few of them in the city. Around %90 of the quadplexes in the city are located in downtown Wilmington and there are only around 20 quadplexes in the city overall. Here are three neighborhoods where quadplexes exist in Wilmington:



  1. Central Part Of Downtown Wilmington

This the part of town that is below Market Street but above Wooster/Dawson Street. The vast majority of these units were once large, historic homes that were eventually converted into quadplexes to maximize income potential. Overall, these homes tend to be HIGH CAP and management intensive.


2. Northern part of downtown Wilmington

Quadplexes in the northern part of downtown of Wilmington vary greatly. Once again, you have HIGH CAP properties but there are also higher-end quadplexes in nice areas. Most these units are large colonial style homes that were converted into income properties in nice areas of town.

3. Quadplexes (everywhere else!) in Wilmington

Once you get out of downtown, you have scattered quadplexes all about the city. One peculiar thing that you will notice is that the city lists them as quadplexes, when they are in fact duplexes (why the city does this…. who knows!).

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