The brokerage model of real-estate is rapidly changing. With the popularity of home offices, many people are ditching the standard brokerage model and opting for cloud brokerages. Here is how I suggest you go about deciding whether to work for a large or small broker:


Large “Big Box” Brokerage (Coldwell Banker, C21, KW): More people and schools built into. You get to hang out with coworkers. Support staff. There is always an advantage of being around people physically.


Cloud brokerage: Work from home. Typically cheaper. You have access to way more technology. The only bad thing is cloud brokers have very small presences and don’t have the reputation.


Boutique brokerage: Very small and tight knit. They can have good reputations and huge market shares, It would be like working for a very small business. Not as many people or resources but boutique brokers specialize and you can get access training that many brokers may never provide.


Newer real-estate agents need:

  • Someone to help them learn to get business & prospect
  • A person to help them learn to go on listing appointments, fill out paperwork, etc.
  • You need a large firm to give you the reputation so that clients will trust you


  1. When you’re interviewing brokers you need to go into the mindset of “Me” instead how to please the “brokerage”

Many times, when newer agents go into a firm they look at it as interviewing for a job. You should go into it like “What are you going to provide me?”.

  • You’re going to be paying the brokerage
  • As a real-estate agent you are an independent contractor
  • The broker isn’t going to pay you any money
  • To a certain extent, you’re the boss. The broker should be interviewing for you.


2. Don’t fall for the stats and propaganda & be wary of sketchy firms

  • All real-estate brokerages spin statistics to make themselves look the biggest
  • Every real-estate broker is going to be the BEST, top-notch broker
  • Brokers are trying to make themselves look the best, but get down to brass tacts

Be wary of real-estate brokers that promise you the moon. If you are being aggressively recruited, ask if that person is a commissioned employee.


3. Ask for the most important data

  • What’s the split?
  • What type of training do you offer?
  • What percentage of agents are still at your firm from 2 years ago?
  • Interview other employees
  • How are you different from other firms?

Do you own due diligence as well. Look around. Does the firm you’re interviewing have a large presence? Make sure to research a firms core values, statistics, and what exactly the firm can offer YOU.

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