Being an investor realtor in Wilmington, NC is a fun job. Getting paid to hang out with real-estate investors all day is something I take great pride in. I love the Wilmington area and the real-estate investing culture. Here is what separates me from the pack:



  • Simply put, I know the numbers. What’s the highest cap-rate in Wilmington? What should my cash-flow be? What’s a high risk investment? I know these answers.
  • Versatility. There’s no residential real-estate investment style that I don’t know. Live-in flips? Turnkey? Triplexes?
  • Can I sell an investment? Absolutely. I know where investors hang-out (Physically & online). Let me get your property sold for to-dollar to a ready, willing, and able investor.
  • Honesty. Advising investors is not something I take lightly. I wouldn’t sell a junk investment to my worst enemy (not even my ex girlfriends)
  • Long-Term Wealth Mindset. Not everybody is looking for straight cash-flow. Let me guide you toward investments that provide appreciation potential.

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