Geographic farming in real estate I feel is never explained step-by-step. So in this guide I’m going to explain specifically to target a geographic area in real-estate for maximum lead generation and so that you don’t waste money!


  1. How-to actually find addresses

In order to find addresses, you need software that’s designed specifically for the purpose. This is usually a program called “Realist” (but it may be different in your area!). Realist essentially allows you to filter specific characteristics of properties and export them into an excel spreadsheet!  If you don’t know how to get phone numbers, check out my tutorial on that.

If you don’t have Realist, ask your managing broker on how to get addresses, The software they use is usually provided for FREE!


2. Mailing

  • PRO-TIP: Unless you have a huge marketing budget, a small (but consistent) mailer provides the best results. Be-careful that you don’t mail so large that you blow your budget in the first round.


“Classic” Subdivision Approach: This is BY FAR the most common approach to mailers. You basically target a subdivision and send regular mailers. It’s very effective. If you work in general brokerage, this is going to be your “go-to”


Absentee Owners: If you work near the beach, absentee owners are very motivated to sell usually. This approach also works great if you are an investor. Warning: Absentee owner lists are large. DON’T BLOW YOUR BUDGET! (Speaking from experience)


Niche (Beachfront, duplexes, luxury, high-equity): This is by far my favorite way! I love targeting duplexes, because you can send very targeted letters. In my experience, very targeted mailers stand out and get HUGE responses simply because other agents don’t do them.


Here is another article I wrote about mailers, if you want a more in-depth tutorial.


3. Cold-calling

After I send out my mailer, I begin cold-calling. I literally just call down the list that I mailed to.