Investment Real-Estate Agent in Wilmington, NC

Having a real-estate agent that specializes in investments is like finding a needle in a hay stack! Every real-estate agent will claim to know about investments, but few really understand the needs and wants of investors. A great real-estate investment agent: Understands the math behind investments (cap-rates, NOI, cash-on-cash) Recognizes the difference

How-To Invest $1000 In Real-Estate

I’m often asked how to invest in real-estate with $1000 (or arbitrary numbers below $10,000). I will be honest… Investing in physical real-estate with $1000 will be INCREDIBLY difficult or

How-To Buy A House (With An Investor “Mindset”)

The biggest trend among millennials that I’ve witnessed is the first-time buyer “investor”. This is the person that is buying their first piece of real-estate, but has the vision of an investor. Usually these type of individuals have parents that were entrepreneurs and have the “Warren Buffet” mentality. I am one of

New Home Construction Process Tips

New home construction is often something that people go into with hesitation. Many hear horror stories about backed up sewage, cracked foundations, and see scathing reviews on builder Facebook pages. Well, as you guessed there’s many misconceptions, BUT I’m going to give you tips on how to navigate the process, so that

Buying a House? Why It’s Not For Everyone….

Let me guess, your aunt just got her real-estate license and she’s pressuring you into buying a house. Or maybe, you’re in that 25-30 age range and now EVERYBODY is telling you to buy a house. You feel confused….conflicted…..and feel like people are almost trying to trap you in the “game” of